Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Kinder, Gentler “Passion” This Easter

As the Easter holiday draws near, Director Mel Gibson has recently released a new, less intense version of the "The Passion of the Christ". While a new version has been edited for those who would be willing to see a less graphic film, make no mistake it’s not all about eggs and bunnies. Yet, on the other hand, as world renowned speaker Ravi Zacharias reminds us, we must also not buy into the hypocritical criticism reverberating out of Hollywood. Zacharias asks:

"Did you hear the Hollywood elite speak with passion against The Passion of the Christ? The actor Jon Voigt scathingly attacked Mel Gibson for focusing so much on the gruesome. What? Did I hear him correctly? I had to see humor in that attack, for two miracles had taken place. A relativist had finally admitted that violence on the screen can be overdone, and second, that the screen can change behavior in the viewer. Please take note. Voigt—who starred in Deliverance, which I am told is a graphic, disturbing film—and others like him resented a film for being ideologically driven but crowned Michael Moore’s film with the highest praise. They were disturbed, they said, because the film was too violent. Are these not the same purveyors of violence who are outraged by censors?"

The Passion Recut opens in theaters March 11th.

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