Monday, May 23, 2005

Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Not Call Your Senator *

* some of the reasons given contain descriptions that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

10.) You define an “extremist judge” as one who was supported by 76% of California voters, believes in preserving the institution of marriage, believes there should be limits on obscenity, favors a ban on partial birth abortion, and believes it is constitutional to keep references of God in the pledge of allegiance.

9.) You want your senators to know you like politicians who claim to be conservative, yet are very sympathetic to the radical liberal agenda and are quite willing to compromise – I mean, reach a compromise – so that some, but not all of the judicial nominees, will get a fair vote up or down in the full Senate. You especially admire particular Republican senators – namely, John McCain (Ariz.); Mike DeWine (Ohio); Lindsey Graham (S.C.); Lincoln Chafee (R.I.); John Warner (Va.); Olympia Snowe (Maine); and Susan Collins (Maine). You feel these men and women are true opportunists who exemplify strong self-interest and a willingness to succeed politically, even if it means sacrificing deeply-held values of the majority of Americans – such as defending marriage and family, protecting human life, and preserving religious freedom.

8.) You would rather have a “gang of 14” senators decide which judges are allowed on our federal benches through a process of backroom deal making behind closed-doors rather than allowing all 100 senators to publicly debate the merits of all nominees before voting them up or down.

7.) You’re in favor of disrupting 200 plus years of Senate tradition by preventing highly qualified judges from serving on our federal benches. (The minority Democrats have blocked 10 of the president's 45 appeals court nominees by using the filibuster). The thought of holding judicial nominees hostage for years while federal benches remain vacant makes you feel like the country is moving in the right direction. It also makes you proud to support those who resort to name-calling (considering their arguments are weak) and portray those who try to restore normalcy back to the Senate as “extremist.”

6.) You want more judges deciding matters of right and wrong who subscribe to the religious worldview of secular humanism instead of judges who subscribe to the religious worldview of Christianity.

5.) You think the 10 Commandments should be censored while child pornography is allowed. In fact, you think unrestricted obscenity in the media is good for children. You were particularly inspired by the recent decision handed down by a judge in Pennsylvania who deemed it constitutional to allow pornographers to publish pictures showing depictions of women being gang-raped, and urinated and defecated upon.

4.) While you believe that marriage should be between one man and one women, you believe it can still be protected at the state level, despite the evidence to the contrary such as the recent federal judicial decision which null and voided Nebraska’s Defense of Marriage Amendment (DOMA) by deeming it unconstitutional.

3.) You know that this issue of filibustering has nothing to do with the future make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court. You also think that federal abortion laws should not be altered, despite the fact that these laws allow for the legal murder of children moments before being born through partial-birth abortion (a process whereby a child’s skull is crushed and brains are vacuumed out right before being delivered dead through the birth canal).

2.) You know that your senators know you won’t be able to remember how they dealt with this most important issue of judicial filibustering when they are up for re-election.

1.) You think your Senators will personally take your call and ask why you are bothering them.

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