Monday, September 19, 2005


Watch the latest video releases smut-free. Here’s how.

Conference scheduled to train Christians how to have a Christian worldview.
For ticket information about the Worldview Weekend, click here.

Use your buying dollars to support family-friendly companies.
An organization committed to pressuring companies to extend special rights and benefits to homosexuals, bisexual and transgendered individuals have put together an online database that ranks companies by how well they promote the gay agenda. Peter LaBarbera, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, is encouraging people to use the list to identify – and support with your dollars – those family-friendly businesses that rank at the bottom of these lists. Exxon, for example, has not adopted pro-gay policies within its company. On the other hand, LaBarbera notes, “BP America is a 100 percent pro-homosexual company.” “Now that tells me buy my gas at Exxon. If you see a BP, go the extra mile to get to Exxon.” To see how your companies score, click here and then save it in your favorites and refer to it often.

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