Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Study Finds Child Molesting 150 Times Greater in High Schools than Catholic Church

As reported by the Family Research Council, in a recent Whistleblowers magazine article titled "Predators":

“Professor Carol Shakeshift of Long Island's liberal-leaning Hofstra University compared the 10,667 young people who were reported abused by Catholic priests over a fifty-year period (1950-2002) with an estimated 290,000 students who claimed physical sexual abuse by public school employees during a much shorter time period (1991-2000). If confirmed, this would mean abuse in public schools is more than 150 times as prevalent as that alleged against priests. . . . we will wait to see if the media places as much attention on what appears to be a far greater problem. For every one child abused in the Catholic Church, 150 have been abused by school employees. This is exactly why parents must be involved in their child's education and interact with their school.”

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