Friday, April 14, 2006

The Gospel of Judas: A Resurrection of a Different Sort

While many believers this weekend celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, many unbelievers will be celebrating a resurrection of a different sort – the Gospel of Judas.

That’s right: despite the mischaracterization by many in the mainstream media, this year’s Easter season hoax wasn’t discovered, but resurrected. The fact is, after closely examining this work, early church scholars determined it to be extremely inconsistent to first century church teachings. History records this determination to be by virtually a unanimous vote, which, by the way, is completely contrary to Dan Brown’s revisionist account of a very close vote. The conclusion reached by the early church resulted in this heterodoxical work being categorized along with other heretical, Gnostic writings (like the Gospel of Thomas) to form what is called the Pseudepigrapha (which literally means “false writings”). Once the Gospel of Judas was deemed false in the second century, from what I gather (now don’t quote me on this), some “pack-rat” decided to take this junk and store it away for posterity. Now, thanks to Hollywood and other liberally-motivated outfits, the Gospel of Judas has been pulled out of storage, fully-restored, and published as fodder in the latest attempt to discredit historical Christianity.

While serious scholars have concluded that The Gospel of Judas does not cohere with writings already canonized at the time into the sacred Scriptures, they do admit this work is historically helpful in better understanding the development of the Gnostic movement. That being said, however, one could properly assess the true, spiritual value of this and other Gnostic writings as tantamount to the physical value placed on a pile of bones following a chicken dinner.

The lies continue. The next big lie: The Da Vinci Code: The Movie.

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