Thursday, July 20, 2006

Republicans Exhibit Weak Leadership in Pro-Life Cause

Despite a Republican-dominated Senate and House, a pro-death bill was able to make its way through Congress and onto the President’s desk. H.R. 810/S. 471, also known as the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, would earmark taxpayer money for the intentional destruction of human life. As reported by AgapePress:

Judie Brown of the American Life League, one of America's most powerful pro-life organizations, is unhappy with the Republican-controlled Senate, and her dissatisfaction begins at the top. "I think when you've got somebody as 'pro-life' as Bill Frist defending the killing of these babies, nobody should be surprised at anything the Senate does," she says.

"The Republican Party is not pro-life," Brown contends. "It wears this veneer; it's a cloak that it puts on and takes off, individual Republicans or the party as a whole, when it suits them." However, when it comes down to "where the rubber meets the road and every single baby has to be protected from the moment his life begins," she says, "the Republican Party falls off the face of the Earth."
Thanks to President Bush and his pro-life backbone, however, this pro-death bill will not become law. For the first time since becoming president, he used his veto powers and killed the bill instead of babies.

Bush: “These boys and girls are not spare parts.” watch video download RealPlayer here
Read the President’s letter to the House of Representatives
To see how your representatives in Congress voted, click here.

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