Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stay At Home Election Day, And It Will Only Get Worse

Here are some good reasons why you should be angry about how the Republicans governed over the past few years, and why you should be afraid if the Democrats gain control.

If you want to punish those Republicans who are leading, now is not the time to do it. As Dennis Prager writes (and as I’ve been saying for years), “If you don't like the Republican candidate, the place to get rid of him is in the primary, not the general election. The general election is not between good Republicans and irresponsible Republicans; it's between Republicans and Democrats.” And one thing is clear: punishing Republicans for weak leadership by holding back your vote this November will allow the Democrats to seize control. And a Democratic majority will hurt us more than a Republican majority.

Prager concludes by saying:

Vote out of anger, and you'll either vote Democrat or stay home. Vote out of reason, and you'll vote Republican. Please choose reason.

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