Friday, July 13, 2007

One Nation Under Gods?

Thursday was yet another watershed moment in American history. Increasingly, we are becoming a society that is not one nation under God, but rather one nation under many gods. Today, the Democrat-led Senate formally promoted this “new and improved” view for us to embrace as a nation by allowing a Hindu prayer to be spoken before the Senate chamber. This is yet another first in American history!

Let’s ask ourselves what kind of society a Christian understanding of the way the world actually is produces, and the kind of societies produced by a pantheistic belief system. According to Hinduism, you are as valuable as a mosquito. According to Hinduism, you are God. But then again, so is the mosquito. Good; evil; Mother Teresa; Osama Bin Laden; kite flying; abortion: all morally neutral according to Hinduism. In fact, according to some Hindui beliefs, everything is an illusion. What kind of society will result from that kind of thinking?

Embracing today’s politically correct definition of “tolerance” and “diversity” will never unite us. Common sense dictates that there is either one God or many gods. And those beliefs have consequences in how we live as a society. We must all pick sides – every one of us! Be united with truth, or be united to a lie. Choose this day who you will serve!

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