Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One of Clinton's radical positions exposed during rally

During a Clintonian rally in Steubenville, Ohio yesterday, a member of the crowd exposed to others in attendance one of the outrageous positions of the Clintons -- namely, their position on abortion. (See video below.)

In his hubris, former President Bill Clinton actually felt justified as he tried to defend his untenable and outrageously immoral position of supporting the legal murder of babies by making it about a "woman's right to choose." What is the mother choosing? Isn't the choice between allowing her baby to live, or killing her child? Also, why would we extend as a right, the right to murder another human being? Is it because they are at a certain age of development? We don't extend to people the right to murder an adult, or an adolescent, or an infant. Why would we make it legally permissable for people to kill a human being just because they in their pre-born stage of development? Maybe they feel that human worth is determined by location? Is a human more valuable if he or she lives in Washington D.C. versus the Midwest? Does a child lose its status as a human being when it leaves the arms of its parents? If not, then why does it lose its status as a human being when it is located inside the mother’s uterus?

Finally, Clinton boasts that abortion rates went down during his administration. As you can see in the following video, he seems proud of this fact. It’s like he said that murder rates in the country went down during his term in office. Why would he be proud of this fact? Why would it matter if abortion rates go down? By boasting of a decline in the rate of abortion isn't he thereby implying that the act of abortion is not a good thing? Bill, what is wrong with abortion? Aren’t we just talking about a "blob of tissue" here? Or are we talking about more than simply a blob of tissue? Kind of like you and me are more than simply respective blobs of tissue, Bill.

Here's the video.

By his two appointments to the Supreme Court as president, he did more than anyone to insure that all forms of abortion remains legal in this country.

Watch this video, which explains what is involved with the “procedure” known as partial birth abortion. (WARNING: While this video does not show an actual partial-birth abortion, it is demonstrably graphic and will hopefully make you righteously indignant and responsive to this injustice plaguing our country.)

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