Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hats off to the Anchoress

I know I link to the Anchoress a lot, but she’s one of my favorite bloggers. And right now she’s really on a roll.

First, here’s an interesting post on the tendency of Americans to picture themselves as victims, contrasted with advice on acting like an adult.

Then there’s this, on Obama’s recent statement that all Americans really ought to learn Spanish, because it’s so embarrassing to him that American tourists go to France and all they can say is “merci beaucoup” (note that’s French, not Spanish, so it’s not clear how his suggestions that we ought to learn Spanish would help!):
Sophistication is empty and insubstantial. It does not save lives. It does not free people. Sophistication simply dresses well and knows not to choose the chianti. All very important in these serious times, right?
You should definitely read the whole thing--it's dead on.

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