Monday, May 24, 2010

NPR (or what I call “National Propaganda Radio”)

Another example of the media bias in the mainstream media can be found in NPR’s 5/13/10 Fresh Air show. There they cite supply and demand as the main reason why so many American couples are opting at leaving their long lines here in the US and going overseas to adopt. It is true that it is due to supply and demand, that is, that demand outstrips supply here in the US. But they fail to offer an adequate explanation for why this is. The only explanation NPR gives is to suggest it is due to difficult adoption procedures. The fact is there’s something else going on for which NPR does not tell us.

The problem here in the US why the supply does not meet demand is because the vast majority of unwanted children that could be put up for adoption have been aborted.

The irony is tragic: The young female populations who can conceive children and do, but don’t want their children, are often persuaded that abortion is the best option, whereas the older female populations who are now looking to settle down and have children are finding themselves unable to conceive. Then, when they desperately look to adopt someone else’s child here in the U.S., the supply of children is low because so many unwanted children are killed by their mothers.

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