Friday, April 01, 2005


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From the Series:
Exposing Myths about the Church

Bob Russell

Bob Russell leads Southeast Christian Church of Louisville, KY. With an average of 20,000 attendees every weekend, SCC is one of the largest churches in America.

  • Spiritual Warfare: While difficult at times to understand theologically, this story of Stephan Morinis is full of the workings of God. This amazing story is similar to the Ashley Smith hostage crisis. Kidnap victim Margy Mayfield tells the story of how she was abducted by a brutal rapist and murderer — intent on killing himself and anyone else! She relates how God’s perfect love cast out her fear - in a life-threatening situation. Don’t miss this incredible story of courage and faith! Listen here to Part 1. Listen here to Part 2.
  • Dr. D. James Kennedy Interviews Peter Jennings About His Reports on Jesus. Listen here.
  • Should we be afraid of fundamentalism in America? Listen here to a collegial debate between a Jew, a Christian, & an Atheist.
  • The Firefighter – The Way of the Master television program. [Ed says: “With only a brief investment of my time into this material (about 20 hours), and after incorporating it into my personal evangelism efforts, of the dozen or so people I’ve taken this approach with, 3 people made decisions right there to give their lives to Christ.”]
  • Pastor Bob Russell: “Understanding the Times” Listen here.

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