Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Losing Our Glory from Men in Black

COMMENTARY by Ed Nicholson

OK people, its time for a pop quiz! Pull out your paper and pencil. (Let’s see if you can do better than some very highly educated people in some very important positions in this country. Now don’t worry…this quiz will be short and painless.)

When has someone’s I.Q. determined his or her humanity?

I’ll give you at least two times in modern history: Nazi-controlled Germany in the 1930’s; and today’s oligarchic-controlled United States of America.

If a one-month-old little girl were hungry, what would we do?

We would feed her.

Because she can’t feed herself.
(Dahh! Pretty simple, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out, right?)

Now, what if the baby is four months old and hungry? What would we do?

Again, Dahh…we would feed her.

Because she’s a human being who can’t feed herself. Just because she’s older doesn’t make a difference. If someone left her to fend for herself and said “well if God wants her alive, she will live,” that person would be put in jail for abuse and neglect.

If it doesn’t matter how old she is, or if she can’t feed herself, then how could a judge allow a man to legally starve his wife who can’t feed herself?

Because that judge doesn’t strictly interpret the U.S. Constitution but “broadly interprets it” to suit his definition of what is right or wrong.

Why would a judge kill an innocent human being? Is “convenience” a legitimate reason? What about “compassion”? Was ending Terri’s life really a compassionate act as the mainstream media portrayed? If so, then why did the doctors have to give Terri morphine? Ask any doctor or hospice nurse: starvation and dehydration are not great ways to go!


Come on! It’s crazy for a judge to say it’s OK for a husband to do that to his wife. Men without mercy! Oh, the hubris of these judges! Just because she is not living a “productive” life doesn’t give her husband (or anybody else) the right to end her life. Are we not better than this?

The sad reality is there are a lot of out-of control judges throughout this country who will decide for themselves what is “constitutional” instead of letting the constitution speak for itself. It has resulted in a legal system in chaos. Today, activist judges are pushing the envelope of moral relativism and leading our society off the cliff into the chasm of insanity! America is quickly losing the essence of what has made it great! We’ve come to a place where the elderly are seriously looking at drawing up papers to indicate they want to live. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t America be a place where the burden is on the one who wants to take their life, not protect it? And isn’t the main responsibility of America’s government to protect human life?

Something else worth pointing out is that this grave injustice and callous act by one out-of-control judge was remarkably done not in the dark, but in the light of day – out in the open for all to see with the support of other judges. Why couldn’t this be stopped? Despite many concerted efforts by Governor Jeb Bush, President George W. Bush, as well as a bipartisan majority in Congress, the madness went forward. Why didn’t the media tell the truth about what was really going on? She was simply a disabled person. She was NOT terminally ill, NOT in a coma, and NOT being kept alive on life support. But that’s not how the media present it. Why is that? Please mainstream media! Don’t tell me it’s political! I’m not stupid as you so often “caricature-ize” my type. Did you hear anything at all about Jesse Jackson’s attempts to help Terri? How can you have both liberals like Rev. Jesse Jackson and conservatives like Dr. James Dobson both be fighting to save Terri Schiavo’s life together if it’s just a political thing? The Bible says, “Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” The antithesis reigns supreme in our federal courts! If current trends continue, Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World will quickly be upon us.

What can we do to stop this madness?

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