Wednesday, June 01, 2005

CALL TO ACTION: Buy or Lease a Land Rover or Jaguar, and Ford will give up to $1,000 to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Ford has been one of the latest companies to fold under pressure from homosexual activists. In fact, 49 of the 50 top Fortune 500 companies have bowed their knees to this small but powerful radical group. Exxon is the only one still standing.


Christians need to let these companies know that there are “discriminating” consumers who care about protecting families more than promoting a radical gay agenda. Whenever you get a chance: let these companies know that you will support companies that protect families and that you will not support companies that hurt families. Let them know that you love all people – whether they struggle with heterosexual sin or homosexual sin – but that you will think twice before supporting a company that promotes an agenda which hurts children and families.

Just think about it: if the trend of Christian activism continues to increase, then companies which support morality will gain more market share causing those who have lost touch with the majority of Americans to re-access their policies.

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