Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Movie: End of the Spear

A new movie called End of the Spear is opening in select theatres January 20th. This drama is based on the real-life story of five Christian missionaries who were speared to death by jungle savages. The debut of this film marks the 50-year anniversary of the missionaries' martyrdom.

What makes this story truly remarkable was what happened after their deaths. As Jesus promises, life comes from death. And years later, many of the family members of those martyred came to minister to the very ones who took their loved ones’ lives. This dramatic act of love transformed an entire society in the Amazon rainforest.

One of the producers of the film, Steve Saint, is a son of one of those men who were martyred that day 50 years ago. Eventually, he came to know and love the very man who killed his dad.

In 2000, Saint's 20-year-old daughter died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage. And it turned out to be Mincaye, the man who speared Steve's father 50 years ago, who offered him the greatest comfort.

“I realized that this man who speared my father, hacked his body and threw him into the river—it was this man who wrapped his arms around me and helped me hold on to my faith. ...People say, 'Your dad didn't have to die.' I'm thinking, 'No he didn't...but then I wouldn't know Mincaye, and I wouldn't have this relationship.'

God has allowed me to realize some of the dreams my dad
had—to know the people he died for. ...The man who killed my father is now called 'grandfather' by all my children. One of my sons is named for him."

Comments from others:

“The love these two men have for one another is truly an amazing demonstration of God’s love. It’s hard to believe. As Steve stood nearby, I actually hugged the man who killed his dad!” – E.N.

To watch the trailer to the movie, visit www.EndOfTheSpear.com

A conversation with Steve Saint and the man who killed his father. Listen here.

To listen to another talk about the story of Steve Saint, click here.

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