Thursday, March 23, 2006

Was Afghanistan Truly Liberated? This Will Be The Test

The outcome concerning the trial of Christian convert Abdul Rahman for crimes against Islamic law will show whether Afghanistan has indeed become a civil government.

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TAKE ACTION (provided by

1. Please take time to pray for Abdul Rahman -- that he will stand firm in his faith and be protected.

2. Pray also for the Church in Afghanistan.

3. Please contact President Bush and your members of Congress, and remind them that American soldiers – many of them Christians -- paid the ultimate price to liberate Afghanistan, and they did not do that so that Christians could be killed. For contact information, click here.

4. Please write and e-mail polite letters to the Embassy of Afghanistan asking it to look into the matter. Express your concerns to President Karzai's government. Be respectful.

"It's best to communicate a positive message," Nettleton suggested. "Tell them something like: 'We love your country. We want the best for your country -- but we are concerned about our Christian brother. Putting Christians to death is not in your best interest. We urge you to release this man and give legal protection to converts in Afghanistan.'

"Don't try to tell them how to run their country, but do express the fact that you are concerned about a Christian brother who is on trial. Ask the Afghanis why he is on trial, and remind them that their new constitution says people have freedom to practice their religion, yet this man is on trial for doing just that."

Embassy of Afghanistan
2341 Wyoming Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
Telephone: 202-483-6410

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