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Politics 101: Top 10 Reasons Why Values Voters Should Vote This Election (11-07-06)

A lot is at stake in this election. Here’s my rundown on the Top 10 Reasons why values voters, in good conscience, cannot sit this one out.

1.) Staying home in this fall’s general elections would not punish Republican leadership as much as it would punish us by allowing liberals to take over Congress. As David Barton said, “who will we actually punish by staying home? Will it be the House and Senate – or will it be our families, our friends and even our nation because we didn’t get out to vote for the candidate who would best represent our values?”

2.) Anger misapplied can lead to more problems. My anger towards bad Republicans should not be taken out during the fall general elections where a Republican faces a Democrat. This will only lead to a bad Republican being replaced with an even worse Democrat. Under the current allegiance to national party platforms, a not-so-perfect Republican – and might I add, a not-so-perfect Republican-controlled Congress, is FAR BETTER than a far-worse Democrat – and might I also add, a far-worse and radically-liberal-leaning Democratic-controlled Congress. If I want to exercise my anger properly, it needs to be directed towards bad Republicans during primary elections where my efforts can focus on replacing bad Republicans with good Republicans.

3.) Whatever party wins the most seats this November will decide which party controls the House and the Senate. And the party that controls each of these respective legislative bodies will determine the laws of our land! Imagine a House of Representatives lead by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. They don’t come more liberal than she does! It is people of her ideological perspective, for instance, who believe animals have the same value as humans. This type of upside-down thinking prevented the use of DDT in stopping the spread of malaria in Africa. Why? Because it would kill birds. Hmmmm…kill mosquitoes along with birds, or allow millions of human beings to die. This should not be a difficult moral dilemma. But to liberals it is! Well, at least we know what species they want to win in the evolutionary struggle for life in Africa!

4.) The party who wins the Senate will determine the type of justice(s) nominated to the United States Supreme Court. One, or possibly two more justices are expected to retire in the next two years. If you want to see judges on the bench who respect the Constitution, that means we need to be sure to sustain a Republican majority in the Senate. Why? Because a Republican majority in the Senate will make it possible for another pro-life, pro-family justice to be appointed to the Supreme Court. A change in power would lead to a change in who runs the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ultraliberals like (Sens.) Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt.), Ted Kennedy, (D-Mass.), and Chuck Schumer, (D-N.Y.) will decide the type of judges the president can get confirmed. And that tragic scenario will more than guarantee no pro-life or pro-family justice will be allowed to be appointed.

5.) If we can sustain the Republican majority in Congress, President Bush has a chance to get one more conservative justice through the Senate and onto the U.S. Supreme Court. And that would mean we could finally see the end to legalized abortion in this country! Watch this short video that explains the importance of protecting life. Watch here to see how some young Christians are praying God will transform the highest court in order to end the legalized murder of the unborn. This point cannot be emphasized enough. We are one Supreme Court justice away from stopping the holocaust! This includes the barbaric act known as partial-birth abortion. Watch this video, which explains what is involved with this “procedure.” (WARNING: While this video does not show an actual partial-birth abortion, it is demonstrably graphic and will hopefully make you righteously indignant and responsive to this injustice plaguing our country.) As pointed out by Phil Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values, “It is not what one says about abortion that matters; rather, it is what one does to save the unborn that truly matters.” download Windows Media Player here

6.) The institution of marriage will be endanger of being redefined out of existence if the liberals win this election. Just this Wednesday, in a closely watched case, New Jersey's Supreme Court declared the state has to give same-sex couples the same rights and benefits as those granted to married heterosexuals. Marriage exists in society for the expressed purposes of producing and raising children. And it has always been the best vehicle for doing so. Considering one of government’s main responsibilities is to insure future generations, the promotion and safekeeping of marriage, therefore, has always been in the government’s best interest. Tragically, for over three decades, marriage has been under attack by the very institution whose job it is to safeguard its survival and well-being.

7.) Facing the Real Threats To Our Nation’s Security. The Republicans have been much more courageous in fighting our enemies abroad. In contrast, the Democrats – like Chamberlain with Hitler – are more interested in appeasement and ignoring the real threats and aggression from our enemy. Here’s an interesting online video regarding the war on Islamo-fascism that should put a healthy dose of fear in your heart. Here’s also the latest news coming out of Iran where they are testing new weapons like it’s the Fourth of July (that is, without the independence and liberty stuff). And here’s a taste of what the liberals are thinking regarding our troops as articulated by John Kerry:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq.”

8.) We need to vote to show we will not be told how to think by the mainstream media. Someone once said (and I paraphrase), “if you want to convince people of a lie, make it big enough, and you might just convince them it’s true.” Well, that’s exactly what the liberal, mainstream media has been trying to do ever since the values voters came out in such numbers two years ago. They have tried to convince us we don’t care anymore, and that we are not going to the polls this November. They haven’t convinced me! Have they convinced you? If we wake up our still-sleeping fellow values voters in the next few days, it can be another watershed moment for the future of this country. For one, it will spell the end to the mainstream media, as we know it. Enough people will finally realize that the MSM has lost their credibility with the public and will turn to new forms of media for their news and information.

9.) The Threat To Our Religious Liberty. In Canada recently, it has become a crime to preach on the radio certain passages of Scripture condemning homosexuality. Similar so-called “hate crimes” legislation was close once again of passing through Congress here in the U.S. thanks to persistent leadership by those in the Democratic Party. Let’s not miss the fact that it was mostly the Dems who also stalled the progress of The Public Expression of Religion Act (PERA), which would have taken away the financial incentive from groups like the ACLU to sue schools and local governments in cases involving religious expression.

10.) And last, but surely not lease, other Social Issues round out the top 10. If the liberals take over Congress, abstinence education will certainly be removed from our schools. For the last six years, abstinence education has shown to work, despite the liberal pundits cries it wouldn’t. As reported by Focus on the Family Action, “By just a 3-vote margin, the Senate this term defeated an anti-abstinence education bill that would have made condoms the sole focus of sex education in public schools.” If value voters stay home this election, sex among minors will surely increase in our land. One more issue worth noting is Human cloning. If the liberals take Congress, this mad form of science will certainly be on the fast track to becoming legal. Learn the basics of stem-cell research by watching this short video.

In my opinion, this will be the most significant election I can remember. A lot of issues that are close to the heart of God will be determined in the next few years based on who wins power come November 7th. My fear is most value voters (i.e. Christians) don't even know the reality of this watershed moment in American history. We all want to do the right thing, but sadly, many of us are influenced in ways (mainly through the mainstream media) that hinder or discourage us from being informed, involved, or engaged enough in the political process to create real change. But then, that's the goal of the forces of darkness. The sleepy giant (the Church) may still be asleep as Election Day fast approaches. This Sunday at churches around the country we will find the last opportunity for synergism. We must wake up fellow values voters before the wolves get in and take control of our house!

For some additional motivation, check out the following:


While speaking on the subject of democracies, Winston Churchill once said, “It’s the worst form of government ever invented except for all the others that have ever been tried.”

"When the people fear government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's liberty." – Thomas Jefferson


  1. Make a friendly call to every values voter in your cell phone and encourage him or her to think of the alternative and then to vote their conscience.

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