Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Athlete’s Foot in the Mouth

When asked about the next day’s match up between himself and Ohio State star center Greg Oden, the 6’9” Memphis center Joey Dorsey said Friday that the 7-foot OSU freshman was "overrated as a big man.” He went on to compare their match up to David vs. Goliath where he was Goliath and Oden was David. The ironic thing about his bold statement – obviously unbeknownst to Dorsey – was that David actually won that epic biblical battle.

Considering the outcome of last weekend’s game, those words by Dorsey proved to be somewhat prophetic. Not only did the Buckeyes defeat the Tigers (and in-so-doing, seized from the Tigers the crown for the nation’s longest winning streak), but Oden clearly “slayed” Dorsey as well. Oden made 7 of 8 field goals, scored 17 points, had nine rebounds, blocked one shot, and affected various other shots. Dorsey, on the other hand, was held scoreless for the first time this season, missed two free throws, had no blocks or steals, and committed more fouls than rebounds (four to three).

After the game, Dorsey openly confessed in reference to the man who will most likely be the #1 pick in this year’s NBA draft, "I didn't know he was that strong.” I’m sure Goliath – if able to respond after his contest – would have said something similar about “the little man” David.

Now to turn from the physical to the spiritual, let me say this: that while perhaps a comical turn of events in the sports world, nevertheless, the sad reality is Dorsey’s biblical ignorance reflected in his pre-game trash-talk would not be unlike most Americans if asked about the Bible and other religious things. It’s just another sign of our ever-increasing secularized culture.

How about you? How spiritually ignorant are you? Here’s a religion test from our friends at Serious Times. Take a few minutes and see how you score. Then, let us know by posting your score in the comment section immediately below. (BTW, I scored a 76; not bad; but not the greatest either.)

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