Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama's Flawed Judgment

Betsy Newmark gives a great review of current reporting on Obama’s stand on the Iraq War. The key point a lot of people are making right now is that Obama’s judgment on the surge was deeply flawed, and he’s compounded the error by not admitting it.

Whether you supported the war in the first place or not, we now have too much to lose to start backing down now. Obama might have learned that if he'd waited to actually find out the facts on his fact-finding tour instead of issuing his policies before going over there. But that would have been the responsible rather than the political thing to do and we can judge Obama by the choice he made.

Read the whole thing, it’s good! If you’re into politics and understand what the typical biases of the big newspapers are, you’ll be blown away by the really harsh editorial from the Washington Post.

Remember, Obama is a little light in the experience department, so he's trying to sell us on his superior judgment. It's pretty noteworthly that even leading mainstream newspapers are starting to question it.

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