Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A few thoughts on Sarah Palin

By Rich Bordner

Boy, t'ain't there uh mighty buzz about that thar Sarah Palin! I've been listening and watching the past few days, so I figure its a swell time to jump in with a few thoughts of my own. In no particular order:

1) There've been quite a few obviously biased smear attacks on Palin (example: compare the US Weekly covers). The other night at the MTV Music Awards, British host Russell Brand (like his opinion matters) took his own swipe, saying Bristol Palin's child was not a "boy or girl, but a P.R stunt." Things like this are low...very low indeed. But I hope the left and those sympathetic to it keeps it up. I seriously do. If they do, then January 20, John McCain will be taking the oath of office. In the process of their scard-ey-cat antics, they have managed to offend just about everyone except those in their little club. The average American citizen is a sleeping giant to the Dems, and if they continue the smears, they will manage to wake it on November 4...oops.

2) She's intelligent, capable, thoroughly conservative, ATTRACTIVE, and feminine. She appears comfortable being a feminine woman. I like that. Many feminists have trudged about telling us that women must act like men in order to be equal to them. Bullfeathers. Palin trashes this stereotype, and that makes me giggle.

3) Some Democrats are expressing concern about Palin being a mom (especially to a newborn special needs child) and potential V.P. That is a valid concern to raise. Despite what society tells us, you can't have/do it all. The awesome mom/thriving career woman thing is just not feasible. Ask around. Many women have tried, and are frustrated that the day care is raising their children. This doesn't disqualify her for the V.P position by any stretch, but lets not kid ourselves that a mom can feasibly be devoted to a high-demand career and be 100% devoted to raising her children. Life as a parent, as one blogger at Stand to Reason put it, is all about sacrificing your ambition for your family. Have some pulled it off? Probably. Is it feasible/wise? Nope.

4) Giuliani, in response to the questions, quipped that such family and career questions have never been asked about men. Refer to comment #2 and 3. I'm with Melinda at Stand to Reason; it's more natural to ask that question of women than it is to ask it of men. And besides, the question has been asked of men, though not as much. I have asked it about my own career. I haven't seen very many head wrestling coaches/teachers who have been great teachers, have built highly successful wrestling teams, and who have been devoted fathers. In fact, I have seen absolutely 0. Somethin's gotta give. Therefore, I am prepared to give up my dream of coaching a team if it infringes on my family life.

5) HOWEVER, since when has the Democratic party been the party of "family values?" Shouldn't they be the ones cheering the loudest for Palin's choices? Their concern rings hollow, to say the least.

6) Some have leveled a charge of hypocrisy on the Republicans' part. Supposedly, their defense of Palin's family (Bristol's pregnancy, etc) and their insistence on traditional family values are at odds with each other. But this is pure sophistry. One can do a knockout job as a parent, can instill good values in their children, and their children can still go off, sin, and make mistakes. Just because Bristol sinned doesn't mean Sarah Palin is a hypocrite. Bristol is an individual with her own mind. We just don't know how Sarah Palin raised her family, and its stupid to speculate. It would be quite different if Sarah Palin herself became pregnant out of wedlock, but that isn't the case. HELLO? Isn't this obvious? If anything, Bristol's decision about what to do after the pregnancy happened (keep the child, marry the father: two signs of repentance) affirms that mom did something right.

7) Despite Obama's claims, McCain can still play the "no-experience" card. Palin's executive experience is miles ahead of Obama's. Plus: Palin is a V.P. candidate. Obama is the Presidential candidate. Gigundous difference. Can I take my Captain Obvious cape off now?

Anyway, just my two cents.

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