Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loving through Adoption

If there was a ship lost at sea full of orphan babies, the world would rally together to save them. Yet, today, there are a million children around the world who live without the love of a permanent family. These children seem to have no hope, lost in a world that does not want them. But God loves them. And God has filled the hearts of couples stretching all over this country with His love for these children. One case in point, about a month ago, some friends of mine were finally able to bring home their new son from Russia after enduring many hurdles over a long 3 ½ year adoption process. There is probably no better champion of adoption than one of my heros, multi-award-winning Christian singer and song writer, Steven Curtis Chapman. Here’s a recent Focus on the Family radio broadcast were he discusses his own family’s experience with adoption. Lastly, here’s the video of he and wife – along with their children – on Larry King Live where they shared about the tragic death back last spring of their little daughter, Maria Sue. This segment will melt your heart and inspire you to trust God through your own storms of life.

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