Monday, November 17, 2008

Addressing Bologna

I need to say a few things about a column by Cal Thomas which he wrote last week.

The position he takes in this piece entitled Religious right should put politics aside is simply empty-headed. First, he assumes that if Christians engage themselves in the political process, than they are not trusting God. I used to believe that. That philosophy, in fact, was at the heart of why I turned down a job working for Senator DeWine back in the late '90s. Thomas' assumption has no basis with empirical evidence and Scriptural imperatives (e.g. be in the world but not of the world).

Another thing he doesn't understand is the purpose of laws and how it relates to morality. Here's two very short pieces (1 / 2) that I would strongly encourage you read that refutes this presupposition of Mr. Thomas.

If he really believes this view that he asserts in this piece, then he should relinquish his power position as a national syndicated columnist, and go start an orphanage in an obscure town in eastern Kentucky.

I'm not surprised that Thomas is a national syndicated columnist. The leftist media love to give people a microphone, a camera, or a column, who know how to pacify and confuse those religious-right fundamentalists.

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