Thursday, November 13, 2008

There's a Cost

The Mormon church, after a firestorm of protests at its gate, face a boycott.

Restaraunts and businesses face financial repercussions.

Some have lost their jobs. There is even an 'anti-gay 'blacklist'' floating around out there.

Death threats? Yep.

Some of my friends now have strained relationships due to their support of Proposition 8.

Should we now play the victim and develop a martyr complex? No. We aren't victims, and any cost we face pales in comparison to the cost demanded of true martyrs. We've chosen our path; no one forced us to vote that way, afterall.

SSM proponents, of course, have every right to boycott. That's the way this country works, and it can be a good way to let your voice be heard.

But hey folks, guess what: your convictions might actually cost you something now.

And you know what? That's allright. Seriously. Anything that wakes us up out of our comfort-induced stupor ain't all that bad.

This is something my generation is not used to. We are used to believing whatever we wish, virtually cost-free. Not so much this time around.

So what should be our reaction?

Three things.

First, should you just back down? Should you apologize? No. 'Love' does not mean that you must acquiesce to a destructive lifestyle. If you voted yes on Proposition 8, have the backbone to stand by your convictions, come hell or high water. The times demand men and women who will count the cost and refuse to be bullied.

Like I quoted a few blogs ago: 'screw your courage to the sticking place.'

I don't know what I'd do if I were in that place. I hope that, should I face such a cost, I would follow my own advice.

Second, in addition to some guts, what we will need in the coming months and years is a large number of people who not only stand for conservative, pro-life, traditional marriage, and biblical principles, but folks who can defend and articulate them well. On this issue of traditional marriage, if you are not in that place, you can start educating yourself here.

Third, Christians especially need to continue to reach out in love and care to those who identify as GLBT. My church's outreach to the Padua House in Long Beach is an excellent example.

All three are necessary if we desire to make a difference. We cannot risk being out of balance. The stakes are too high.

See also: Michelle Malkin's post.

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