Thursday, July 21, 2005

Al Mohler comments on the Emerging Church Movement

“When it comes to issues such as the exclusivity of the gospel, the identity of Jesus Christ as both fully human and fully divine, the authoritative character of Scripture as written revelation, and the clear teachings of Scripture concerning issues such as homosexuality, this movement simply refuses to answer the questions.” Read more in an article entitled: “‘A Generous Orthodoxy’--Is It Orthodox?”

In another piece entitled “What Should We Think of the Emerging Church?” Part One, Mohler quotes D.A. Carson, who argues:

“For almost everyone within the movement, this works out in an emphasis on feelings and affections over against linear thought and rationalities; on experience over against truth; on inclusion over against exclusion…”
Mohler goes on to quote Carson as saying:
"I have to say, as kindly but as forcefully as I can, that to my mind, if words mean anything, both McLaren and Chalke have largely abandoned the Gospel," Carson laments. "Perhaps their rhetoric and enthusiasm have led them astray and they will prove willing to reconsider the published judgments on these matters and embrace biblical truth more holistically than they have been doing in their most recent works. But if not, I cannot see how their own words constitute anything less than a drift toward abandoning the Gospel itself."
Al Mohler writes of D.A. Carson’s new book Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church:
“Carson's book makes for mandatory reading--at least for all those who are concerned about the Emerging Church and the future of evangelical Christianity. He combines a charity of spirit with clarity of thought. If anything, Carson demonstrates an honest attempt to understand the Emerging Church Movement on its own terms. Yet, in the final analysis, Carson sounds an alarm.”
Here’s an excerpt from Carson’s book.

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