Tuesday, July 12, 2005


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Speaking the Language of Love (Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott)
If you’re tired of the same old tips and techniques and want something foundational to improve communication with your spouse — then this is for you! Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott join Dr. James Dobson for a heart-to-heart discussion on speaking the language of love.

Social Justice: Rescuing victims of oppression around the globe.
There are more people in actual slavery today around the world than were brought into slavery from Africa over a 400 year period. The numbers in bondage, including sex trafficking, are staggering – a number which can be compared to the population of California! Hear a sobering exposé on injustice around the world, and what we can do about it. Part 1. Part 2.

Christian college student voluntarily becomes homeless for 5 months. Here he shares his incredible story of life on the streets. Part 1. Part 2.

Every Woman’s Battle For more broadcasts, click here. *

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt provides encouraging words about the key to victory in the Culture Wars. While politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, the faith community must come together if we are to win the Culture Wars against the secular humanists. Hewitt says victory will require orthodox Protestants, orthodox Roman Catholics, and orthodox Jews laying aside their differences in order to build stronger coalitions. He points out that doing so does not mean we must give up our differences.

The Apostle Paul warns the Church of false teachers. You may be surprise who’s on today’s list.

As Christians, should we live by Grace or Truth? Find out here.

Sermons by Bob Russell:
How does the Body of Christ stay united when we disagree with each other? This sermon provides the answer.

Sermon: Grace for a Broken-hearted Sinner
From the Series: Jesus Full of Truth and Grace

Bold Testimony
Series: How the Church was Built

Bob Russell leads Southeast Christian Church of Louisville, KY. With an average of 20,000 attendees every weekend, SCC is one of the largest churches in America.

The Supreme Court decides against the 10 Commandments.
Based on the opinion of five of the nine judges, the highest court in the land decided Kentucky’s public display of the Ten Commandments is no longer constitutional. Listen to a special radio broadcast on this serious issue regarding religious liberty. *

A Great Message from Dr. Joe Stowell, President of Moody Bible Institute

Religious Intolerance at the Air Force Academy
Some members of Congress believe that Christian cadets at the Air Force Academy have been too bold in sharing their faith. Today, Congressman John Hostettler talks about how he has defended the Academy against these baseless allegations from his fellow Congressmen. Click here to listen. *

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