Thursday, July 07, 2005

Faith with a Liberal Twist Hits the Political Trail

-- Citizenlink

A group of left-leaning Christian leaders have started a grassroots movement to "reclaim Christianity and transform American politics," Religion News reported.

The Christian Alliance for Progress held a launch event Wednesday morning at the National Press Club's First Amendment Lounge in Washington, D.C. The group announced plans to pursue a laundry list of issues, including economic justice, responsible environmental stewardship, "equality" for gays and lesbians, seeking peace instead of war and achieving health care for all Americans.

"The religious right has been extremely successful at taking control of the language of our faith and using it to promote an extreme and divisive political agenda," said the Rev. Timothy Simpson, the group's director of religious affairs. "This is fueling incredible polarization in our politics." We think that most Americans, especially people of faith, are ready to hear from Christians who are tolerant, and who understand the many ways that our faiths impact our views of public life."

Peter Brandt, senior director of issues response at Focus on the Family Action, said this attempt to dress the liberal agenda in the fabric of faith is a ploy that doesn't sit well with conservatives.

"A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf," he said. "Pushing the homosexual agenda, pushing for abortion rights -- those things have nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

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