Thursday, August 11, 2005

It’s Not Just Christian Democrats Who Abandon Christian Principles in Politics

-- the following is quoted from Family Research Council

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has now publicly supported human embryonic stem cell research and expansion of President Bush's policy regarding funding of such research. The statement from someone who seeks the support of the pro-life community [and who once had Presidential aspirations] is very disappointing but not a surprise. It is reminiscent of the speech he gave to the 2004 Republican platform committee, where he squelched open debate on the ethics of embryonic stem cell research, as well as a 2001 Senate hearing testimony where he advocated production of hundreds of human embryonic stem cell lines which would have required destruction of thousands of human embryos. This reflects a unwise and unnecessary choice both for public policy and for respecting the dignity of human life.

Under the current policy, 22 human embryonic stem cell lines, and over 3500 vials of such cells, are available for research; 39 more lines wait in the freezer for researchers to use them, and there is no cap on the federal money available for this research. Yet after 24 years of work with mouse and human embryonic stem cells, this "promising" research has not delivered a single treatment for human patients. Meanwhile, thousands of patients are better TODAY after umbilical cord blood and adult stem cell treatments for at least 65 conditions. This includes over 200 heart patients, the results of which heart surgeon Dr. Frist should take notice. The current embryonic stem cell policy provides ample cells and funds for advocates to try to make their case, but does not encourage or reward further destruction of innocent human life. The real promise of adult stem cells, with real results for suffering human patients, is what needs more encouragement and funding. Senator Frist, please support good science, good ethics, and good public policy.

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