Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Come on Larry!! Get the story right!!

Is Larry King just ignorant or is he intentionally being dishonest to his viewers? In a debate on his show last week over gay marriage, he continued to promulgate the mischaracterization of the Matthew Shepard murder as motivated by anti-gay hatred. Throughout the his show, King made the explicit assertion: “Matthew Shepard was murdered for being gay.” The truth, however, as pointed out by ABC News’ 20/20 back in November of 2004 contradicts King’s words. The truth is, the actions towards the victim were not motivated because he was gay but because the perpetrators wanted money and drugs:

“Helping fuel the gay hate crime theory were statements made to police and the media by Kristen Price, McKinney's girlfriend… But today, Price tells [20/20] the initial statements she made were not true and tells [20/20] that McKinney's motive was money and drugs. ‘I don't think it was a hate crime at all. I never did.’ she said.”

Like usual, the liberal media puts the pro-gay, pro-evolution, pro-abortion headlines on the front page, and then when the truth eventually comes out, they bury the correction on the “back pages.” But in this case, King goes a step further and simply peddles the same old lie again.

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