Thursday, February 09, 2006

FCC Says A La Carte Cable Pricing Means “Substantial” Savings To Consumers


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today announced that cable customers would see “substantial benefits” if a la Carte programming, or pay-per-channel packaging, is allowed to be instituted.

The polls are clear: people want choice. However, the cable industry has tried to confuse the public into thinking their current “cable choice” programs already provide what consumers want. However, cable subscribers are not buying it. They know the technology is there for them to pay per channel. A lot of families want their FOX NEWS, their Discovery Channels, their ESPN, their favorite hobby channel; but they don’t want to pay for channels, like M-TV, that bring down their family. However, the detrimental channels are being forced into many of the so-called “family-friendly” choice packages.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all your money go to only those channels you want to watch? Instead of paying $50 a month while wasting your time flipping through hundreds of channels you really don’t want to watch anyway, imagine being able to pay say $1.99 per month for every channels you do want to watch – as well those you know are safe for your whole family. That’s what a la carte programming will provide if it is enacted into law.

TAKE ACTION: By just a few simple clicks here, you can write a short letter to all your elected representatives in Washington. Tell them you want “a la carte” programming instituted into actual policy. Tell them it’s shown to work, and it helps your pocketbook at the same time.

To read the FCC press release, click here. (You will need Adobe® Reader® to download this PDF document. To download Adobe® Reader® free of charge, click here.)

For more information on a la carte programming, go to this article.

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