Friday, October 12, 2007

Mark Driscoll gets it

Christianity isn't true because it works. It works because it's true.

Pastor Mark Driscoll from Seattle Washington knows this reality. That's why he can reach one of the most secularized areas of the country by preaching 2 hour long expository sermons (that is, he preaches through the bible without all those funny stories and illustrations & helpful tips that take up most of the time).

If you want to be a seeker church, first ask yourself what it is you are seeking. If you are seeking people who want the truth, than preach the truth. If you want a whole bunch of people who want to be happy, successful, and comfortable, than give them a Jesus that meets those type of felt needs. Just understand, you'll need to stay away from expository preaching because the Bible doesn't say that that God exists. Might I suggest funny stories and personal annecdotes instead.

More info on Mark Driscoll:

Here’s some news from Wikipedia – which I confirmed is in fact accurate:

While Driscoll had a brief association with the Emergent Church movement at one time, he has since distanced himself. What is more, on Friday September 21st, 2007 while speaking at the Convergent Conference of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Driscoll publicly denounced Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt and Rob Bell as heretics. Expressing angst for his contemporaries, Driscoll cited many of their spoken and published views on the atonement, homosexuality, rabbinical authority, new age influences, mystic theology and their mutual affirmation/endorsement of books such as Ken Wilburs' "A Brief History of Everything". [4]

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