Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another Try By the Press at Divide & Conquer

In a recent propaganda piece in the New York Times entitled “The Evangelical Crackup,” the left-leaning MSM can be seen once again waging their subtle campaign of divide-and-conquer as they “reach out” to their sworn enemies – the Church. In this piece, as elsewhere, they try to convince Christians that our cause is losing momentum. Under girding this article is the consistent talking point of the left, that being, “We might as well give up. It’s a hopeless cause.”

Well I say, “No! I’m not buying it.” Like Satan in the garden or in the desert, it’s all a bunch of lies! Lie! Lies! Lies! Christians need to recognize the spin.

They’re also saying that new leaders within the Evangelical community are coming into their own with a fresh, new perspectives on the issues. They say, “Here’s how you need to think about it, you good-hearted church-goers.” For example, they note the change in leadership within the Southern Baptist Convention:

“The winner, Frank Page of First Baptist Church in Taylors, S.C., campaigned on a promise to loosen up the conservatives’ tight control. He told convention delegates that Southern Baptists had become known too much for what they were against (abortion, evolution, homosexuality) instead of what they stand for (the Gospel).”
Ahhh! Maybe they got something here! Who wants to be negative? Right? Not me? Maybe I need to put down the banner of the anti-abortion movement (negative), and pick up the banner of global-warming (positive). Yeah! And maybe I need to put down the flag of the anti-gay movement (negative), and pick up the flag of civil rights for everyone! Hey, that’s positive! Yeah! Maybe now I’m seeing the light!!

Huh?!!! As Alfalfa from the little rascals says: “Heeyyyyyyy, wait a minute!” (Yeah, I know I lost the younger crowd; even those my own age.) Alright. You want me to be positive. I’ll be positive. I’ll be pro-life (positive), pro-creation (positive), pro-family (positive), and pro-marriage (positive). There. [Note to MSM: Goch-ya. You may fool many, but you ain’t foolin’ me.]

What the Church needs is a good dose of discernment. But that’s not going to come by going down to the local pharmacy and getting a quick fix. It’s going to come by the hard work of study…turning off the boob tube (that’s TV for those who don’t know), reading more, and thinking more carefully.

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